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 Fipronil -ant killing

Surefire Fipronil Granular Ant Killer is made to ant pest control safely and effectively. 
Fipronil is a low toxicity insecticide. It is highly effective in killing and controlling insect problems, while still being comparatively safe to use. This makes it better for use if you have kids or pets that make get a little too curious and want to taste the ant bait. That said, it is still a poison, so don't let kids or pets near it. 
Surefire Fipronil Granular Ant Killer is non repellent. What this means is that the ants cannot tell that it is poisonous. Most of the other products on the market contain ingredients such as bifenthrin, permethrin or chlorpyrifos which the ants do detect as being a poison, so won't go near them. 
This 2.5kilogram bottle gives enough ant powder to sort out the ants in the average suburban back yard a number of times.
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CAS  No. 120068-37-3

  Fipronil 0.5% GR
Specification (COA)
 Content: ≥0.5%
 Disintegration time: ≤25 
 Wet sieve test%: ≥98
 Ants,Termites and fire imported fire ant
Use it in homes and institutions, including food plants and granaries to control a large number of different insects including ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, lice, bees, and other pests. An excellent insect control product, will also product against the entrance of drywood termites.