Azamethiphos  is a kind of kill mites, both insecticidal activity, belong to tagged and stomach poison medicament, good performance, insecticidal spectrum, can be used for cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and livestock, public health and the family, the prevention of various mites and stupid moth, aphids, small moth, potato beetles and flies, cockroaches, etc., the agent for human and animal low toxicity, is high efficiency, low toxicity, Low residue safety agents are the recommended use of organophosphorus pesticides by the World Health Organization (WHO). Can be made into emulsion, spray, powder, wet powder and soluble particles (fly beetle ning) and so pest control supplier.

Among them, Azamethiphos granular bait, especially suitable for the control of flies and other health pests.


This product is white or white-like crystalline powder, there are different odor, in the water micro-soluble, soluble in methanol, two of chlorinated methane and other organic solvents.

"Function and use" This product is a new type of organophosphorus pesticide with high efficiency and low toxicity. Mainly stomach toxicity, and tagged role, killing flies, cockroaches, ants and some insects of the adult. Because these insect adults have a habit of eating and drinking, the drugs that work through the stomach poison have a better effect. If with the induced agent, can increase the induced fly ability 2~3 times. According to the prescribed concentration of one-time spray, the rate of decrease of flies can reach 84%~97%. Azamethiphos also has the characteristics of long residual effect.

Coated on board, hanging in the shed or affixed to the wall, residual effect period of up to 10-12 weeks, spraying on the wall ceiling residual effect period of 6-8 weeks. Almost all of the animals were absorbed by methyl pyridine phosphate. After 12 hours of oral administration of the goat, the drug was discharged 76% by urine, 5% from feces and 0.5% in milk. In the tissue, the residue is lower, the muscle is 0.022mg/kg, the kidney is 0.14~0.4mg/kg, the hen takes 5mg/kg containing the medicine feed, 22 hours after the residue, the blood is 0.1mg/kg, the kidney is 0.6mg/kg. This shows that the drug in meat, fat, egg residue is very little, no need to prescribe a period of medicine. This product in addition to the fly, to cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs, etc. also have a good killing effect.

Mainly used to kill the stable house, chicken coop and other places of the fly, but also for the living room, restaurant, food factories, such as flies, kill cockroaches.

"Usage and dosage"

Methyl pyridine phosphate granules: Buychen fly, cockroach gathering place, each square metre concentrated drop 2g.Azamethiphos can be wet powder: spraying, water with 10% suspensions, per square meter floor, walls, ceilings and other places spraying 50ml.

Smear, the use of Azamethiphos (10%) of the WP 100g, add water 80ml made paste, on the ground, walls, ceilings and other places each 2m2 painted a point (about 13cmx10cm).

"Formulations and Specifications"

Methyl pyridine phosphate granules: 100g, containing active ingredient 1g, Azamethiphos humidification powder: containing Azamethiphos 10% and induced agent 0.05%. 

"Notice" (1) This product is a low toxicity category, the rat oral LD50 for 1.18g/kg, mouse 1.4g/kg, eyes have a slight irritation, spray when the animals can stay in the stables, but not directly to the animal injection, feed should also be transferred elsewhere. (2) This product is highly toxic to salmon, also has a slight toxicity to other fish, the use of the process do not pollute rivers, ponds and sewers. 

It is also toxic to bees and is disabled in colony-dense places. (3) When the drug is diluted with water, it should be run out.

After 30 minutes of suspension, it is advisable to stir evenly and then use it again.

"Content Determination"

High performance liquid chromatographic method. Chromatographic conditions and system applicability Test 18 alkyl silane bonded silica gel (Nucleosil) as filler, the detection wavelength of 280nm.

With the flow phase A and B gradient elution, the elution procedure is:

Time (minutes) 0 15 17 21 23 30

Mobile phase a% 100 100 0 0 100 100

Mobile phase b% 0 0 100 100 0 0

Flow phase A is acetonitrile-methanol-0.1% phosphoric acid (1:3:6)

Flow phase B is acetonitrile-0.1% phosphoric acid (9:1) The determination of this product is about 50mg, precision weighing, set 50ml Shi Ping, plus acetonitrile 25ml dissolved, add water 15ml, add potassium hydrogen phthalate buffer (0.05MOL/L, pH4.0) 5ml, diluted with water to scale, shake evenly, the precision quantity takes 5ml, the 25ml Shi Ping, uses the phthalate hydrogen potassium buffer Liquid (0.05mol/l,ph4.0)-acetonitrile-Water (1:4:5) to dilute to the scale, shakes evenly, the precision quantity takes the put 10μl injection liquid chromatograph, records the chromatogram chart , and another methyl pyridine phosphate control product was determined by the same method. According to the external standard method to calculate the peak area, that is.