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Effective: 5% of Beta-cypermethrinNet content: 40g/piece.  Agent type: smoke agent. Class fog color: white.

Control objects:Beta-cypermethrin use to kill insects such as cockroaches and mosquito flies,Brownbanded Cockroaches,German Cockroaches,Oriental Cockroaches.
Applicable scope: applicable to all kinds of indoor environment and warehouse, basement, garbage channel, underground pipe, carriage, ship, etc., to kill various sanitary pests.
1. Use the front door and Windows to keep the room closed; The drawers and cabinets in the room are as open as possible, allowing the smoke to be fumigated.
2, Open the Beta-cypermethrin gas outside the cylinder lid, the pipe on the ground, so the pipe down a wooden floor room non-flammable mat, ignition fuse, make its produce smoke, smoke quickly spread to the space to kill pests; If a fire is produced, it should be blown out in time to make it smoke. After two hours of smoke and insects, open doors and Windows to breathe again (must be fumigated for 2 hours, don't think that time will work better, also, the timetable will affect the effect oh!).
When killing cockroaches, you can open the drawer and cupboard door to kill hidden pests, but cover the food and other items.
Warm reminder:
1. When the product Beta-cypermethrin is ignited, there will be a larger smoke, strong smell, suitable for the density of cockroaches, and used in places where environmental air is not high, such as storage, basement, etc. If it is the place where living room such as bedroom, living room kills cockroach, this shop recommends use killing cockroach bait, killing cockroach powder, spray and so on the cockroach product, tasteless and non-volatile, more suitable for family use.
2. If the unit is purchased, the system must be shut down to use the smoke alarm system.

3. The release time of the smoke is about 2 minutes. During the discharge, please observe in the distance. If there is an open fire, fire immediately, and the mask can be worn to prevent the inhalation of smoke. To leave the scene after a large amount of smoke, it must be ventilated for 2 hours before entering the room.

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