Birds Repellent knowlege

Most of the bird repellent agent is green pollution-free biological type, bird repellent agent generally used pure natural raw materials (or equivalent to natural raw materials), processed from a biological agent, after the use of cloth, slowly and persistently release a bird's nervous system, the respiratory system of a special scent, birds will fly after the smell, in its memory will not come again


1. The effect of driving birds is remarkable, the aging is long, the time of using the driving bird is 15-20 days, and it is very good for all kinds of birds. According to statistics, the production of the general loss of the use of repellent agent in 25%, some bird serious areas of fruit loss of more than 50%.

The use of an insecticide can reduce the loss by more than 70%.

2, the use of simple method.

3, safe non-toxic, green Environmental protection, repellent agent with biodegradability, environmentally friendly to human and animal environment.
4, widely used: widely used in crops, orchards, Shang, sowing, airfield, electric power facilities, such as the need to avoid birds of various crops and places.
Main categories:
Crude oil repellent agent, particle repellent agent, powder repellent agent, water repellent agent, paste-like repellent agent. The crude oil of the repellent agent (MP) is the main raw material for the production of various dosage forms.
Jiangsu Xinyi Fruit and vegetable Quality Research Institute currently has the largest domestic device one-step MP production process, an annual output of 15000 tons.
How to use:
1, crude oil repellent agent: the crude oil bottle hanging in use, the language flower-repellent oil 5ml holding effective period of up to 30 days +
2, particle repellent agent: small crop sprinkle cloth or heap, high crops with gauze, such as coated particles hanging use.
3, Agent: Water spray or hanging bottles used.

4, Powder: Mixing or water spray use.

5, paste-like: smear use.

In agriculture, the main way to poison bird birds at this stage, such as live maizhong, rice, vegetables, aircraft sowing, are the use of poisons (zinc parathion, heterotrophic phosphorus, Granville, furan dan, etc.) mix the way to kill the bird group harm, resulting in the horror of the body everywhere.
The traditional use of firecrackers, sound drive birds, such as the sound of the way to drive the birds, labor and labor is not safe, high cost, and the birds will soon adapt, will soon be again in danger of fruit.
The heavy use of chemical pesticides not only poisoned the birds and seriously polluted the environment, the above methods are not active dredging, but blocking and killing methods, long-term use of man-made damage to the ecological environment of the adverse consequences, has been grim to the use of modern bioengineering technology can not be resolved. Zhengzhou Feng Lida Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. for many years specializing in bird prevention and control technology research, has done a lot of work in the field of repellent, the bird repellent agent is able to emit a bird extremely disgusting odor of the repellent flavor agents, the use of repellent water dilution spray, droplet adhesion to the surface of the sprayed object, It can slowly and persistently release a scent gas that affects the central nervous system of birds, and the birds will fly away after they are heard, and will not come back during their memory period. Widely used in crops, orchards, Shang, sowing, airports and other places to avoid birds.
Can be effectively driven away, and do not harm birds, repellent water diluent with biodegradable, to human and animal completely harmless, in line with China's food hygiene standard GB 2760-86. The product research and promotion, fully in line with the modern social and economic development, environmental protection industry development and the current needs of agricultural production and development.
The first is to protect agricultural safety, protect the ecological environment, and ensure the safety of airport flight, billboards and other bird, and the relationship between people and nature, the full use of modern biological technology to express the human nature of our pursuit of sustainable development and efforts. To sum up, the market calls for efficient and safe and environmentally friendly bio-drive technology and products, bio-food-grade repellent agent will become a leader in agricultural production.
Crop use 1, applicable to: direct seeding rice varieties and wheat, oil sunflower, peanut, corn, beans, melons and other seeds mixed seed or soaking.
And the use of mature crops.
2, beans, melons and other kinds of young shoots unearthed 2-6 leaves, every 7-10 days to touch the mist can prevent rabbits, cows, sheep and other animals willing to eat. 3, mix the use method when the seed opens the chest Lu Bai, steams the dry water. Can mix like this product. 25 grams per product, diluted with appropriate amount of water, can be mixed with 3-5 kg, can be sown.
This product can be mixed with other seed coating agent.
4, spray use: Seedlings, mu 50-100 grams diluted 100-200 times; mature crop acres with 100-200 grams diluted 100-200 times
Orchard use:
1, the orchard to take the point-type suspension dosing, diluted 50-100 times with plastic cups to do containers, injecting the amount of bird repellent hanging in the canopy of fruit trees, orchard surrounding trees, surrounding buildings, depending on the number of birds per tree dosing point 1-3 points. 2, spraying, direct spraying foliage, forming an effective protective film to form the plant's own protection measures.
Particle repellent agent, powder repellent agent, water repellent agent, cream-like repellent agent, such as the use of bird repellent:
1, particle repellent agent: small crop sprinkle cloth or heap, high crops with gauze, such as coated particles hanging use.
2, Agent: Water spray or hanging bottles used.
3, Powder: Mixing or water spray use.
4, paste-like: smear use.
Applicable crops:
Rice, vegetables, fruit trees, peanuts, watermelon, strawberry, corn, tobacco, mulberry, tea, medicinal herbs, flowers, wheat, soybeans, cotton, rapeseed, pasture, etc.
Repelling birds:
Swallows, egrets, eagles, waterfowl, magpies, owls, sparrows and other birds, as well as some mammals such as rabbits, bats and so on.
1, spray use, it is recommended that sunny 4:00-5:00 after the fog-like spraying, spraying after 6 hours of rain recommended to spray;
2, this product non-toxic, harmless to humans and animals, but not edible, use should wear good masks, latex gloves, so that drugs may cause skin contact allergy.
3, the use of mixed species, this product can be used with other pesticides to prevent and control the underground pest mix; 4, this product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry indoor, to avoid child contact, eating.

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