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 Birds Repellent 10% with eco-friendly Pest Control Repeller Bird

Birds Repellent is used in tree,airport,fruit tree,plants,roof,and how does bird repellent gel work? At the airport you can use bird repellent ,you can select us we are pest control supplier from China
Specification (COA)
Content: ≥10%
Disintegration time: ≤25 
Wet sieve test%: ≥98
Mode of action:Slow and lasting release a smell to affect the birds’ trigeminal nervous system, respiratory system, the birds smell and flyingaway, in the memory period will not come again.


Application:It is used at the facilities of airport runway pavement,lawn,surrounded trees,bushes and building birds habitat,billboards and so on.
 1.Repellent fiches birds and swallows,spraying evenly with 200 times dilution(75g per 66m2).Or repellent magpies,herons and other largebirds spraying at 500 times dilution(30g per 667m2) at airport runway
 2.Shaking before using to make liquid easy to pours out,1 package (4kg/drum) can be formulated 800-2000kg water dilution,and can be sprayed uniformly from 50-130 acres(the spraying dilution is about 15kg per acres.) at the pavement or lawn.And more serious of Airportbird hazard places or repellent swallow,it should uniformly spray on the pavement and lawn as 150 to 250-fold diluted liquid.
 3.bird Repellent tape,Dilute 200-500 times water ,spray on the road interlaced. In birds hazards airport season best administered in the morning and evening ;Repellent se recommend applying at nightfall.
Main customer benefits:
 Longer Lasting Control
 Consistent Performance