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 Cockroach paper trap

Products Name:Cockroach paper trap by BENOD Pest Control Products Manufacturer.

Off-the-shelf:10000 pieces of cockroach paper trap.call the telephone to order :00861893292749.

Target Cockroach.roach,Brownbanded Cockroaches,German Cockroaches,Oriental Cockroaches, can also us cockroach paper trap.
Advantage:Cockroach paper trap is Powerful & Inexpensive No chemical/No poison/No mess/No odour Test of the density of cockroach Environmental friendly Easy to use .

Usage: 1.Peel off the release paper from the glue layer .

           2.Open the small plastic bag and put the attractant in the middle of the glue layer.

           3.Place the trap where cockroach are observed.
Caution: 1.Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals.
             2.Don't use in wet areas.
             3.Glue can be removed from hands and fabrics withalcohol,paint thinner .


Packing:2 piece/inner box, 50boxes/carton.

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