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  • Propoxur Bait cockroach killer bait


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High Purity Propoxur Bait 1.5%  cockroach killer bait cockroach pest control . Mode of action:Insecticide with contact, stomach toxicity and fumigation.

Target:Cockroach, ant.brand:benod pest control supplier.

 1.Kill cockroaches with more attractive bait and sticky dead cockroach on the house.
 2.More powder for cockroach by undulated paster
 3.Safety to leave it off by handle
 4.Cockroach house with rainproof cover is suitable placed at everywhere.

 5.Trap large and small cockroach all species, easy to use.Also for ants, spiders and other pests control.

 1.Please open the cockroach trap, remove the plastic sticker, crush the bait into powder or smaller, and put it in the center of the trap.
 2.Please fold it according to the crease of the cockroach trap.
 3.Complete it, put it in the places where roaches appear often  .
Main customer benefits:
 Longer Lasting Control
 Consistent Performance
Packing:3 apiece/bag,20 bags/carton.
CAS  No.114-26-1
Specification (COA)
 Content: ≥1.5%
 Water: ≤ 0.6%

 PH: 4.5-7.0