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Cypermethrin and ddvp formulation mixture is for indoor pest control to killing flies,Cypermethrin insecticide and ddvp is great for fly killers for the home, Low toxicity no harmful to the family.

Cypermethrin 2%+DDVP 0.5% DP formulation mixture


Control of household and public health insect pests, e.g. flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, etc.; stored-product pests in warehouses, storerooms, etc.; flies and midges in animal houses; sciarid and phorid flies in mushrooms; sucking and chewing insects, and spider mites in a wide range of crops, including fruit, vines, vegetables, ornamentals, tea, rice, cotton, hops, glasshouse crops, etc. Also used as a veterinary anthelmintic. Phytotoxicity Non-phytotoxic when used as directed, except to some varieties of chrysanthemum.

Cypermethrin and ddvp is one of the pest control products made from pest control supplier.

Formulation type:   



 200Lt plastic or iron drum,20L, 10L, 5L HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET drum 1Lt, 500ml, 200ml, 100ml, 50ml HDPE, FHDPE, Co-EX, PET bottle Shrink film, measure cap  Carton: plastic wrapped/woven bag carton The package can be made as the customer's requirement.

Storage Stability:    

Stable for 2years after receipt of order if stored under recommended conditions.After 2 years, the compound should be re-analyzed for chemical purity before use.

Common name:Dichlorvos
Chemical name:O,O-dimethyl-O-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)phosphate ester
CAS No:62-73-7
Molecular formula: C4H7Cl2O4P