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Product Description:Cyromazine ( CAS NO: 66215-27-8 ) is a triazine insect growth regulator used as an insecticide and an acaricide. It is a cyclopropyl derivative of melamine.

Main Specification: Cyromazine 98%TC,50% WP,75%WP

Advantage of Cyromazine:

1. The pesticide property will not be slipped after washing out by rain.

2. High content and good strorage stability.

3. Easy to use, and good control effect.

4. Application dosage is only 1% to 2% of the dosage of common insecticides. 

5. The product is enviromental, safety to crops.

6. The product has good effect in both prevetion and insecticidal action.

Cyromazine Mode of action :

Insect growth regulator with contact action, which interferes with moulting and pupation. When used on plants, action is systemic: applied to the leaves, it exhibits a strong translaminar effect; applied to the soil, it is taken up by the roots and translocated acropetally.

Cyromazine Applications:

Control of dipteran larvae in chicken manure by feeding to the poultry or treating the breeding sites. Also used to control flies on animals. Used as a foliar spray to control leaf miners (Liriomyzaspp.) in vegetables (e.g. celery, tomatoes, lettuce), melons, mushrooms, potatoes and ornamentals, at 75–225 g/ha; also used, at 190–450 g/ha, in drench or drip irrigation.