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 Cyromazine price  Cyromazine products

Cyromazine 80% WDG   CAS  No. 66215-27-8  Specification (COA) Content: ≥80%  Suspensibility: ≥80%

Wettable time (S): ≤90  Cyromazine80%WDG.

Mode of action:Insect growth regulator with contact action,which interferes with moulting and pupation.When used on plants, action is systemic:
applied to the leaves, applied to the soil,it exhibits a strong translaminar effect;
it is taken up by the roots and translocated acropetally . cyromazine used to  fruit fly killer.Do pest control by yourself ,you can also use fly killer spary
Product Features:
First Few Sold will come with a FREE measuring cup!!
• NEPOREX 2SG 11pounds.
• Granular formulation larvicide, suitable for scattering, disolving and pouring or spraying.
• Lower concentration formulation makes it suitable for use in smaller operations.
• Can be used in horse stables, rabbit farms, zoological parks, sheep and goat sheds and more.
• Contains cyromazine, a chemical which attacks fly larvae and prevents them from shedding their skins.
• Kills flies resistant to traditional adulticide fly control products.
These are new and sealed and were in storage. Several bags available if you don’t snag one up now.
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