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Imidacloprid 2% GR

Imidacloprid 2% GR Kill flies medicine.
CAS  No.138261-41-3.
Specification (COA)
 Content: ≥2%
Mode of action: Neonicotinoids act on a specific protein in the brain of pest insects (the nicotinic acetylcholin receptor), inhibiting their feeding reflex
Application:For the control of flies in and around livestock facilities and stables.
Advantage:Fast-acting. Ready-to-use bait
 1.Scatter Application: Scatter the bait directly from the container onto dry level  surfaces so that the individual granules lie near each other without forming small  piles.
 2.Bait Station Application: Place in any fly bait station. Use 1 bait station to cover  approximately 250 sq ft, and add up 50g of bait per station. Secure bait stations at  least 4 feet above the ground.
 3.Paint-on Application: Mix 75g bait with 50ml warm water and stir thoroughly. Let  stand for about 15 minutes until a paste consistency suitable for painting has formed.  Apply the paste with a brush to surfaces where flies rest, avoiding surfaces that are  dusty .
Main customer benefits
 Longer Lasting Control
 Consistent Performance
Packing:50g*10bag/box,10box/carton, 100g/bag,10bag/box,10boxes/carton
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