Fruit fly killing spary

How to killing flies fruit fly?you can use fruit fly killing spary at home,or make fly killer by yourself.

Kill fruit flies with spray and other products

1.Make a fly spray. Use alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the flies in the air. 

They fall to the ground and you can sweep them up and throw them away.

fly killing spary

Windex glass cleaner can also kill most bugs right away. If a bunch of flies gather in a 

place where you don't mind getting wet, quickly spray Windex glass cleaner and watch fruit flies suffer.

Another method is to use sodium hypochlorite as a cleaning spray. Remember to wipe the 

surface and dead fruit flies. The smell of cleaning spray is so strong that you can't stand it,

 so don't forget to let your room keep the air flowing. Spray cleaning spray near the cooking area. 

If you're worried about the toxic indoor air, don't spray it.

You can even spray bottled water in a mist and spray on a large number of fruit flies.

 They're going to fall off. Because the wings are wet, they can't fly, you can squash them easily and clean them up.

how to do fly killer

2.Use pyrethrin spray. Pyrethrins are an insecticide that can effectively kill adult fruit flies 

but cannot kill their eggs. Remember to follow instructions. Do not spray directly on the 

fruit or cooking area. The pyrethrin spray is usually put in a aerosol can, and when you see a fly,

you spray it. Fruit flies die when they touch them.

If a large number of fruit flies are clustered in one place, you can buy automatic sprinkler,

 timing or quantifying pyrethrin.

3.Use gel to process drains. There are several types of drainpipe gels that specialize in

 removing flies and eggs from kitchen drains. If boiling water and soap do not kill fruit flies,

 consider buying a plumbing gel. Dispose of the drains according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

You may need to repeat many times before you can completely remove the fruit fly.

4.Give it to professionals. Is the fly infestation uncontrollable? You can spray the insecticide 

in the place where the flies often stay and gather. As long as you keep the produce properly 

and keep the kitchen clean, you usually don't need to do that. However, if you want to use 

pesticides against flies in your home, you can contact the pest control company for further information.

Method 4: remove the eggs of fruit flies

1.Find out their breeding grounds. Fruit flies lay eggs in places where food and water are available, 

such as rotten fruit, wet sinks or garbage cans. To get rid of these eggs, you first have to figure

 out which part of the kitchen is the fruit fly's food source.

A bowl or bag with fruit is clearly the culprit. Even if the fruit is fresh, the container that holds 

them may have residual old produce that will still attract fruit flies.

There's compost in the kitchen? This could be a food source for fruit flies.
The bag of recyclables is not tied up? This may attract fruit flies, especially if there is a clean beer or bottle.

When was the last time you cleaned the trash can? Even if you often take out the trash, the trash can

itself may be the problem.

Flies often hide in the kitchen sink of the drainpipe, where food debris can be trapped and decompose.
Wet sponges and mops are also a breeding ground for fruit flies.

2.Store your produce carefully. If you're dealing with fruit flies, don't put fruit in the kitchen to keep 

them at room temperature. It's best to put in a sealed kraft bag or put it in the fridge until the fruit 

fly problem is solved. Ripe fruit is so good for fruit flies that it only keeps the fruit fly problem alive.

Don't throw fragments of fruit into the garbage can. Unless you're taking out the trash every day, 

don't throw pieces of peaches, apples and other fruit fragments into kitchen trash cans, lest they 

become a breeding ground for fruit flies. Drop the pieces of fruit directly into the compost or trash bin.

3.Wash containers of garbage. Garbage cans, recycling bins and compost bins may contain fruit flies' eggs.

 Once you find a fruit fly invasion, clean the container with hot soapy water immediately. Take the trash, 

recycling or compost out of the house regularly, in case the flies come back.

These containers are washed up once a week (especially late summer, when there are a lot of flies).

Wash the bottles and other containers with hot water before throwing them into the trash can. 

The residue in the container can overflow, contaminate the container of garbage and make the fly problem worse.

4.Clean the drain. Check whether the drain has become a breeding ground for fruit flies. 

Cover the drainpipe with a thin layer of honey on the side of the honey and come back

 about an hour later. If you see a fruit fly sticking to honey, you know that the drain is also a problem.

Make sure the drains are working well. If there is a overflow problem, or if the garbage is poorly handled,

 there may be rotten fruit to attract fruit flies.

If you want to kill the eggs, pour a pot of boiling soap into the drain. Scrub the drain edge with a brush.
Don't pour bleach into the drain. This method is useless and harmful to the environment.

5.Throw away something that might be a breeding ground for fruit flies. Old sponges, damp mops,

 old rags, and other things you use to wipe off the countertops and floors may contain fruit fly eggs. 

throw them away, or put them in the washing machine and rinse them with hot water.

Wipe the kitchen surface. Clean the kitchen counter with hot, soapy water. Don't forget that cleaning 

may have all the gaps in the fruit fly cluster. Clean cupboards, pantry and storage areas 

where you store fruit, juice, and other sugary items.

Check the floor. For example, if there is a spilled drink at the bottom of the refrigerator,

 it may cause problems. The cleaning feels sticky.Keep the kitchen surface clean every day. 

When cleaning the kitchen after a meal, remember to wipe everything.Wash all used dishes.

 Don't put dirty dishes away (if you have a dishwasher, put them in and close the door and 

wait for the machine to clean them).

Method 5: prevent flies from coming back

1.Check the fruit you bring to the kitchen. Take a closer look at the berries, cherries, and other fruits

 you bring to the kitchen. The broken fruit should be thrown out of the house so as not to bring 

home the fruit fly eggs from the grocery store or farmer's market. Rinse the fresh fruit with water 

and dry it thoroughly before you put it away.

2.Place a maintenance trap near the fruit plate. Pour 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons 

water and one or two drops of dishwashing liquid into any small container. They can attract and drown 

fruit flies and reduce the number of fruit flies. During the season of fruit flies, remember to wash the

dishes and replace the new mixture every day.

3.Cover the doors and Windows with a net. Flies also like outdoor food sources. Cover the entrance of 

the house with a gauze screen to prevent them from entering your kitchen. This is especially important 

if you grow fruit trees in the yard.

4.Treatment attracts outdoor objects from fruit flies. If you have a fruit tree, the fruit is ripe and

 must be picked. Don't let it rot under a branch or tree. Too much fruit, some have fallen under the tree?

 Pick them up or rake them off and prevent flies from invading.

You can also insert a bag that doesn't pass through the fruit fly under the tree branches. Make sure

 the sun shines through these bags and the air is still in circulation, but fruit flies are not exposed to it.

 Organic growing stores usually sell these bags.

Buy organic sprays for fruit flies to horticultural centers and organic growers. Such sprays do not use chemicals, 

so they must be repeated regularly. If you want to grow healthy fruit, it's the best thing to do, and it's not poisonous.

If you think  this ways are so trouble,you can buy fly killer products,like Cyromazine.