How do you see cow is sick

The friend said his cow is ill, I have a look at the cow is very serious, it is difficult to treatment, like a child is ill, is a cold have a fever, if parents don't pay attention to, developed pneumonia to treatment, will be expended.
The child is sick, sick and sick, and without the spirit, you ask, he will tell you, the headache, the stomach ache, he can talk, but the cow will not.
Although you are not a veterinarian, you should at least know that the cow is sick, and the earlier the better, so timely treatment can minimize the damage.
I'm not an expert on cow disease. I'm just talking about my experience.

1. The feeding situation of cattle

cow health

This is the most intuitive way of looking at the eating of cows when they are eating.
Normal cow, head down to eat, don't raise the cow, big stuttering cattle, explain how to eat well, should be careful to add to control, do not control the stomach disease.
If the cow does not eat and eats little, the cow has disease. If you go to the field to buy cattle, you can get some grass in the trough, see the food situation of the cattle, if you eat well, there is no problem with the cow.
2. The spirit of cattle
A normal cow will look at you with a watchful eye if you see someone, your eyes will rotate as you walk, and if you approach it, it will come and smell you.
It looks a little like a curious cat, it watches you, you walk up to it, and you will tease you, of course, if it's a big bull, it could be you.
If it's a sick cow, it usually dodges, and it doesn't interest you.

3. Ox nose

cow nose

A normal cow has sweat from its nose, a sick cow's nose is dry, peeling, or cracking, and runny nose, all of which suggest that the cow is sick.
The rumination of the cow
What's rumination? (when the cow eats the grass, he will spit it out and chew it again)
A good cow will eat the grass for an hour and chew the cud, then chew the cud for 40 to 70 mouthpieces, then swallow it for a few minutes before regurgitating. If you don't regurgitate, or if the time is short, the cow isn't normal.
5. Cow's droppings
Normal cow dung is like this
Of course the cow is in different feeding conditions, cow dung is different, slightly thin, slightly dry is normal. If it is like water, it is not normal. If it is too dry, like sheep dung, it is also abnormal.

6. Ox eyes

cow eyes

The normal cow is clear and bright, while the sick cow is turbidity, low, or deep, just like the person who stays up late, the eye socket will sag, if it is bloated, also abnormal.

cow health

When it comes to treating cattle, simple things can be solved, but it is a matter of knowledge and experience. You can't fix it yourself, go to the vet, it's a special knowledge and skill that you can't just take for granted.
Of course, if it is knowledge, you can learn it!
In many places, there are no veterinarians, or the veterinarian's knowledge is not solid, which should be self-taught, or find a teacher band.

Learning is simple, but it is theory + practice. As a cattle man, basic needs to understand, to study, to be serious!