How to Use Household pest control products Safely

The weather gradually became hot, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other pests frequently.How to Use Household pest control products Safely? To deal with these annoying "guys", the insecticide aerosol is an essential item in spring and summer homes.Now the pest control supplier tell you how to use pest control products.
Insecticidal Aerosol has certain toxicity, if not pay attention to, it is easy to endanger the health of family and children.
The correct way to use pest control products should be Direct injection of the pest, or close the doors and windows, to the space parties to the random spray, so that the room is full of medicine mist, and the family must immediately leave the room.
Open the doors and windows in 10 minutes and the family can enter the room after ventilation.
For cockroaches and other reptiles, it should be sprayed evenly in its haunt, stay, habitat, to maintain the efficacy of long-lasting, spray should not be erased.
At present, the international use of pyrethroid pesticides, human body such as long-term contact can cause nervous system poisoning, causing dizziness, headache and other symptoms.
Therefore, people must pay attention to the following points when using:
(1) Before spraying the fog, must first put all food, water, cupboard seals, the medicine is best after people eat after eating, and will bottles placed in the child's contact.

(2) For good protection, it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes, wear masks, to prevent skin or respiratory tract absorption poisoning. 

(3) Do not use excessive. Many people increase the use of doses to enhance the insecticidal effect, which can lead to poisoning.

If found that the family or children feel dizzy nausea, blurred vision, skin tingling and so on, should be timely to leave the use of pesticides in the environment, serious to timely delivery to the hospital for treatment. 

(4) Because the insecticide aerosol is the pressure packing, therefore must avoid the heavy impact as well as the high temperature environment, lest explodes. In addition, some products are the use of flammable organic solvents, it is not to the fire source, so as not to cause fires.