How to get rid of cockroaches

1.The cockroach killer Aerosol insecticide is the most powerful killing device to kill cockroaches quickly, 
in general supermarkets and grocery stores are sold, that is, killing mosquitoes and termites, such as 
aerosols, suitable for most of the space slaughter cockroaches. Close the windows, plugging various 
possible vents, and then to the horn and downs of a large number of spraying insecticide, hold your 
breath, after spraying quickly leave the room, close the doors and windows for more than 30 minutes,
 and then open the doors and windows ventilated ventilation. Note that the quantity must be large,
so as to kill the cockroach completely and quickly.
2.Ordinary mosquito-repellent incense can also be used to remove cockroaches on a large scale. Every 
30 cubic meters of space with a box of mosquito-repellent incense, if more debris, can also be more. 
The mosquito-repellent incense grinds into powder, then closes the window, the airtight room's
 breathable hole, burns a brazier in the middle of the house, after the fire is flourishing, pours the 
mosquito-repellent incense powder into the brazier, quickly leaves the room, closes the door, smokes 
stuffy more than 30 minutes, then opens the door and window Use of mosquito-repellent incense must
 be large, the amount of small can not be smoked dead cockroaches, even if it can be smoked dead, 
slow speed, the effect is not good.
3.Some places have the cockroach incense sale, can use the cockroach incense to carry on kills the cockroach. 
Cockroach-killing incense although specifically for cockroaches, but the conventional dosage is often difficult 
to complete fast kill, therefore, to achieve a thorough killing effect, it is necessary to double the dosage, and 
can not use the conventional slow-smoked, like the above mosquito-repellent incense to kill a similar operation.
Some places have special cockroach powder for sale, or have efficient broad-spectrum insecticide powder sold, 
usually sold in the grocery store. Cockroach powder of the conventional method is to sprinkle the powder in the 
cockroach activities and near the nest, and then wait for the cockroach out of death, the effect is often unpleasant, 
nor thorough, especially for those who can not be spread to the gap and dead ends. Therefore, the powder can be 
placed in the home of cockroaches, and then use a blower or hair dryer to blow cockroach powder into the nest, so 
that the effect is greatly improved, killing faster.
4.For the kind of closed space, there are easy to recruit the source of cockroaches, such as food, and can not use
 toxic substances to kill insects, you can use traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, the drive away and killing
 cockroaches, mainly the effect of driving away. A dry chili with a high degree of dryness, a dry wormwood, a 
atractylodes, three copies of dried orange peel (orange peel, orangeade skin and other citrus skin can be), the
 number of these pieces of minced or chopped, and then mix evenly, lit, let it slowly burn, more than the gap 

in many places.