How to get rid of mice at home

Professional pest control suppliers staff  tell you The five waty to get rid of mice in your home.About rats control and mouse killing products.Home have a little door and window is not closed to sneak into a mouse, home will be inexplicably more than a lot of mice. Mice are one of the harm. Stealing food, destroying things, infecting diseases ... Give people the problem of making big and small, breeding ability is also very good, this is why hit the mouse a dozen a nest of reasons. In short, the home of mice is a very troublesome thing, if the house into the mouse, can be eliminated as soon as possible. The following small series to introduce you six strokes to solve the mouse coup!

1.The home of the air-conditioning hole.
As well as a variety of decoration residue of the extra holes must be blocked, if the family things are often destroyed, you need to check the home has no suspicious hole. Since ancient times, the proverb says, "The son of a mouse can make holes." "From this, the mouse is often in the hole, if the home is a mess of the hole, if you do not need to block it!" You can't let a mouse settle down at home.
2.Throw away the extra stuff at home, especially the piles of clutter.
Rats have a very strong ability to destroy, small series once had a classmate, after school vacation home, the family did not pay attention to clean his room, sundry is also a brain to his room to lose, wait until he came home after the quilt has lived a litter of mice, books and money is also chewed 7788, and its horror. So in time to clean up unwanted sundries, more cleaning can be very good control of mice.
3.Open snacks and food collection in time.
A meal will always have some left, a lot of people are more frugal, the food does not fall off, directly on the table. This approach is very wrong, not only easy to break down, but also easy to be "taste" rats. So the rest of the food in the home, as well as the open bag of snacks or not open, should be properly put away, to prevent damage by rats. Although not completely cured rats, but can prevent the spread of disease rats.

4.Use mouse killer  to catch mice.

In general, the family catch rats are rats cage, mouse trap to catch mice to solve the problem of rats. This method is correct, it can solve the problem of the mouse, but the food in the mousetrap needs to be changed frequently, the mouse is the same as people, easily bored. If you have children at home, it is also important to warn your child that this is dangerous.
5.Keep a cat.
I believe a lot of people have seen cat scratch mouse This cartoon, the film Cat was teased by mice around. But the reality of the relationship between the mouse and the cat but turned over, the general cat will catch mice, but also very brave, to eliminate mice. It's a good choice to have a cat in the house and a pet.

It should be noted that cats need to be cautious oh, free to abandon but very bad behavior. Say so much, I believe many people know how to destroy the mouse? According to the personal family situation to deal with Oh!

Now the professional pest control suppliers staff  for you to introduce some of the good things to kill mice, if the family have children to see tight Oh! Some products if the bear child at home accidentally touch or eat, but there will be dangerous.

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