How to use rat poison

How to use rat poison?Bromadiolone is a highly effective rat poison with good palatability, high toxicity and wide target spectrum. It not only has the characteristics of slow first-stage anticoagulant such as enemy sodium salt and coumatetralyl, it is not easy to cause rodent, and it is easy to cause damage to rats. It also has the outstanding advantages of acute toxicity. Rats can effectively prevent it, and today we will introduce the use of bromide.

how to use rat poison? bromadiolone  is a second-generation anticoagulant, which is very toxic to rats. One poisoning can kill a variety of rodents and is effective against the first-generation anticoagulant-resistant rodent. It has good control effect on both domestic and wild rats. The concentration of commonly used bait is 0.005%, and the control of certain wild rats can increase the concentration to 0.01-0.02%. When using, mix the mother powder directly with the bait. The mother liquor can be diluted with water 1:20, and then mixed with bait to make poison bait.

According to different living places and the living habits of different kinds of pests, the appropriate feeding method and rodent killing time can be selected. The bait can be used for bait feeding, rod feeding, equipotential feeding, hole feeding or hole feeding, and rodent killing time. Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, use 0.005% bait, 5-15 grams of bait per house, about 2 grams per pile.

Bromodione use method




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