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  • 1% Hydramethylnon Bait,ant killer


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Product name: 1% hydramethylnon [thoroughly kill all kinds of white brown and black ants' full nest end],One kind of ant pest control

The insect bait agent is killing the ant baits. 5. 10 bag of goods no. : 10537560043. Weight of goods: 100.00g no. : 1% of the target: ant,

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, mites, fleas, flies, other classifications: insecticide texture: solid application range: home.

The hydramethylnon bait usage

1. Use a syringe to direct the use of the lures in the corners, gaps or cracks in the presence or shelter of ants. To effectively control the ants, reduce the source of food around the application.

2. Do not use this product for the surface of containers and instruments that are used for storing or handling food, feed, or food.

3. Do not put glue bait in the place where it is often scrubbed, so as not to affect the effect.

4. Do not apply this product to the area of insecticide repellent which has been used recently; It is necessary to avoid spraying other insecticides on baits to avoid the effect of baiting agent. To prevent the ants, use a point cast method to directly drop the glue in the room, and give 1 to 2 points per square meter to observe the infestation of the ants and check if it is necessary to put the glue again.

5. Application method

With a little bit of a small area, each pill should be about the size of a green bean.

Matters needing attention

1. Medicine should be placed in places where children can't reach, and avoid missuits.

Wash your hands after use.

Do not contaminate food and drinking water when used.