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Mouse Paper Trap

Mouse Paper Trap one kind of mouse pest control .Target:rat, mouse.Brand:BENOD pest control supplier.
 1.Double attractant,Viscous force of the mouse glue and the stuck mouse  is not easy to escape.
 2.Safe and non-toxic, especially suitable for food factories, restaurant,  food warehouse, etc
 3.Importing paperboard, super hard, non-deformation, tasteless, odorless,  safe and health.
 4.This product is not affected by climate, reusable, non-toxic, no pollution.  A new green environmental protection.
 1.Open it slowly with hands,place it in areas where mouse and rats are  normally seen.
 2.Put under sink, back of appliances, garbage areas.
 3.For best results, place some bread crumbs cheese, fried fish etc at the  center to attract mouse ans rats.
 4.Kill the mouse caught by the glue. If there is soil or mouse hair on the  glue, take off them for continuous usage.
 5.In case any body parts or surface stick to the glue, wipe or wash it with  alcohol.
 6.Dispose off after each use  .
 1.Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals.
 2.Don't use in wet areas.
 3.Glue can be removed from hands and utensils with vegetable oil then    washed with mild detergent and water .

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                               Effect of mouse trap