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Cypermethrin & Permethrin EW 

The Permethrin Cypermethrin hot in USA market pest control Chemicals To do Mosquitos pest control and we can give you Permethrin+Cypermethrin a low price.

Description:Mixture by permethrin and cypermethrin ,high effeiciency and low toxicty with suspending agent retention effect and space killing effect of EC.The first choice for household and breeding sites foer esay to use.
Mode of action:Non systemic with contact & stomach action.
Features:With ingredients of cypermethrin and permethrin, 0.3% cypermethrin & permethrin EW is high efficient and low toxic. There are both effects of residual spraying and spatial spraying. The product is easily to apply and could be the first candidate for pest control in household, livestock and poultry.
Targets:0.3% permethrin & cypermethrin EW offer pest control in livestock, poultry, garden and for interior flowers.

Application:No needing to dilute and could be applied directly on the surfaces of screen door, screen window, wall and baluster. The product should be used every 5 days and don't wash the treated areas with water to keep insecticidal effect. When applied on the flowers and other plants, please to dilute the products. Further information, please check the direction and label.

CAS No. 52315-07-8.
Specification (COA)

 Content: ≥0.3%
(1) Ready to use formulation to spray at screen door,screen windows,walls,raillings and other surfaces
(2) Spray at 5 days once to avoid flushing by water to keep efficacy.

(3) If used for ornamental plants,such as flowers,Spray after dilution as product specification or labels

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