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Household Permethrin Insecticide Spray for Mosquitoes

Permethrin EC Usually made into permethrin spray, Permethrin is a low toxic insecticide. No stimulation to the skin, the eyes have a mild stimulation, in vivo accumulation is very small, in the test conditions without teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic effects. High toxicity to fish, high bee poison, low toxicity to birds. The characteristics of the mode of action to tagged and stomach toxicity, no internal fumigation, insecticidal spectrum, in the alkaline medium and soil easily decomposed failure. Low toxicity to animals, easy to decompose under sunlight. Applicable range can be used to prevent cotton, vegetables, tea, fruit trees on a variety of pests, especially for pest control.

How to use:                                             

How to use permethrin spray  to kill flying insects:

1. Keep people out first and spray to the center of your room.

2. Walk out and close door for 3 minutes.
3. Open door and windows again, let fresh air in and out for 1-2 minutes.
 To kill crawling insects:                         
1. Permethrin Spray directly to the insects.
2. Spray makes it easy to reach to insects hiding in leaks.
3. Always read instruction first before using it.
Safety Guideline for the use                    
1. Never spray to people, pets, especially face and eyes.
2. Wash hands after using it.
3. Store it in cool and dry place beneath 50 °, keeping out of kids reach, put it away from food.
4. Never throw to fire to avoid dangerous explosion as it is pressurized container.

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