Pest control products dosage forms

Due to the high effective composition of insecticidal insecticide, except a few varieties can be used directly in fumigation or ultra-low capacity spraying, it is seldom used directly and needs to be processed into various dosage forms to be used. The purpose of preparation: (1) to improve the physical properties of insecticide to suit different sites and different anti-system objects; (2) improve the efficacy and safety; (3) delay drug resistance generation, extend the life of drug use, and expand the use scope; (4) enhance the market competitiveness of products. At present the production and use of dosage forms in our province has the following kinds: powder, wettable powder, colloidal suspension agent, the injection agent (including oil, tincture, water-based emulsion, cream), aerosol, mosquito coils, electric mosquito-killing incense smoke, poison bait, sticky trap agent, agent, insecticidal paint flooding agent.
It is a powdery preparation consisting of insecticide, stuffing and a small amount of auxiliaries mixed and crushed to a certain degree of fineness. It can be used without dilution, and the effective component content is low. The purpose of processing powders is to increase the coverage area and improve the physicochemical properties of insecticides. At present, in the prevention and control of sanitary pests, we use more powder products in the prevention and control of cockroaches. It is easy to use, medicine, long period of reasons, powder grains can be evenly distributed, high control effect, but poor in appearance and its obvious disadvantages, so the user must according to the control environment, a reasonable choice. There are many original drugs, such as: clothrin, cyanthrin, high efficiency cyanthrin, deltamethrin, killing, 1%, chlorpyrifos, etc. [2]
Wet powder
The effective composition of insecticide is mixed with filler, wetting agent and other auxiliaries, grinding to a certain degree of fineness, and the water is diluted as suspension for spraying. Wet powder is one of the most commonly used forms of indoor and outdoor hygienic pests in our province, mainly used for retention spraying. I save the wettable powder of 4 kinds of products, in the process of control also use large amounts of import products and other provinces, commonly used varieties with struggle sonar, a flash of net, deltamethrin, sharp arrows, kill flying grams, love works, invincible powder, high spirit and so on.
Colloidal suspension agent
The effective components of insecticide are combined with various auxiliary materials, and the floating colloidal dosage forms can be dispersed in suspension. Colloidal suspension agent high efficacy, long hold effect, low pollution, in our province is mainly used to control indoor, outside a variety of health pests, especially suitable for hotel, restaurant, bedroom, entertainment venues, schools of pest control. There are only 1 products in our province. The products introduced in this paper mainly include arrow 3, bayworm killing (12.5% fluorifenthrin), enemy (2.8% brominthrin), and fighting gum suspension.
The organic solvent and emulsifier with a certain proportion of the effective ingredients of insecticide are used to make a smooth and transparent oil liquid for indoor and outdoor pest control. Mainly the production and use of DDVP oil in our province, in recent years, introduced the use of Germany's bayer temple worship force was 20% (PHC), mainly used for prevention blatt, Beijing art fai tiancheng company that discovered farming mosquito spirit, professional mosquito flight from mosquitoes.
The injection agent
The effective component of insecticide is dissolved in kerosene, alcohol and other organic solvents, or through the use of emulsifiers dispersed in the water. Our province produces and USES the injection agent mainly for the water-based emulsion, the product has 5 kinds, has the effect high, the pollution small characteristic, mainly USES the space spray, prevents the indoor health pests.
It has the characteristics of quick acting, safe and easy to use. It is mainly used for the prevention of household hygienic pests. In recent years, our province aerosol products have the development by leaps and bounds, product quantity, variety, or about 85% of the total province health pesticide products, most of these products for oil-based aerosol, the minority to tincture for aerosol, the main control object is mosquitoes and flies. Despite the various products of our province aerosol products, a large number of foreign products still enter the shandong market every year.
Poison bait
The effective ingredients of insecticide are added to the bait of the pest. Because of the convenient use of baits, good stability, high efficiency and no pollution environment, in recent years the development of our province has been developing rapidly, and its production and use of varieties and quantities have increased significantly. The manufacturer has developed from 3 in 1996 to 14 in 1999. The formula is developed from the past single agent and gradually to the complex agent or growth regulator. The poisonous bait produced in our province is mainly used to prevent flies. Cockroach is mainly used in foreign products.
Mosquito-killiing incense
Mainly used for indoor killing of anopheles mosquitoes. Mosquito-repellent incense is not too large in our province, and there are only 1 manufacturers. The electric and heat repellent incense includes electric hot plate mosquito coil incense, electric hot liquid mosquito coil incense and electric heat solid liquid mosquito coil incense. The use of electric heating tablets in our province is widespread and the dosage is larger. There is a small amount of electrothermal liquid and electrothermal solid. Although there have been two manufacturers of electric and electric mosquito-killing incense in our province, we have ceased production in 1999, and the current electric mosquito and mosquito incense are all foreign products.
Sticky trap agent
It is a kind of physical insecticides, which has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency and pollution-free environment, and is more and more popular with consumers. Our province currently has four adhesion agent manufacturers, whose products are mainly viscose fly ribbon and cockroach.
Smoke agent
The effective composition of insecticide is made from combustion of combustible, combustifier and flame retardant, so that the composition of insecticide can rapidly evaporate and vaporize or sublimate to form aerosol to kill pests. The smoke agent is mainly used for the sealing and lighting of sewage, buildings, garbage channels, warehouses, housing and other places. Currently there are 3 manufacturers of smoke agent in our province, mainly used for mosquito control and fly. The prevention of cockroach is mostly from the provinces.
Insecticidal paint

Insecticidal coating is a kind of preparation made from insecticide and resin, latex and so on. The repellent is mainly used for outdoor mosquito killling. At present, there are 1 factories of insecticidal coatings and repellent manufacturers in our province.

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