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Propoxur Gel 0.2 to do cockroach pest control.Active component:Propoxur 2%. 

I. product features:Killing cockroach gel paste is a new dosage form for preventing cockroaches.From pest control supplier It has very good effect of killing and stomach poisoning. And the temptation is strong, the duration is long, do not pollute the environment, suit indoor environment to use.
2. Active ingredients
Generic name: propoxur experimental formula: C11H15NO3
Three, the physical and chemical properties: melting point: 90 ℃ to 91 ℃ solubility: (20 ℃) in the water solubility of 0.2%, soluble in acetone, butanone, cyclohexanone, alcohol, methylene chloride, chloroform vapor pressure (120 ℃) 1.33 Pa Pa 0.133 (20 ℃)

Stability: strong base medium is unstable and non-corrosive. Biological activity: insecticidal.

Pesticide registration number: WP20080460

Pesticide production approval certificate: hnp11016-i1646
Product standard no. : Q/cylhx019-2008
Effective composition quality score: killing 2%

Packing specification

5 g/k/box * 100 boxes/boxes,

Delivery Time:Within 15~20days after receive your prepayment.