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Bifenthrin-termite killing

Specification (COA)  Content: ≥5% bifenthrin  Solubility in water:0.1 mg/L,one of Termite Chemical.
Targets:5% bifenthrin SC offer termite control in timber, dam, buildings, soil, etc.
Usage:1.Soil treatment:5% Bifenthrin SC dilute with 240 times water to spray as 4-5L per square meter.
         2.Wood treatment:5% Bifenthrin SC dilute with 240 times water to bush or spray at the wood.Soak for more than 30 mins for square wood.
Bifenthrin 5% SC Termite and insect treatment For the protection of structures from subterranean termite damage,For the control of termites, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, tick, papernest wasps and spiders.
David Grays Bifenthrin insecticide provides lasting pest control in the toughest conditions. 
Bifenthrin can be applied outdoors as a perimeter or broadcast treatment on lawns, or indoors as crack and crevice and wall void treatment—all without airborne residues or odor.
Application rate:
5mL -10 mL per 1L => 1 litre bottle makes 100L-200L of mixed solution. 
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