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Imidacloprid 35  SC

we are the supplier of pest control products like (Imidacloprid ,Imidacloprid  35) we from China,Something tell you about killing termiteabout Imidacloprid 35,and something about us.

products:Termite detection & killing station termite killer .termite chemical.

Application:Used for killing termites in building ,dams,wood and cables etc.
 1.WHO recommended new pestucudes--imidacloprid as active ingredients ,water as the carrier,strong killing ability for termites.
  2.Unique formula to ensure of low toxicity,low odor,interal and external environmnet can be used.
  3.Good stability,strong adhesion,long residual period,difficult to loss in the soil.
  4.No stimulation.no corrosion and friendly environmnet,without harming for natural enemies.
  5.No buring,without special fire protection requirement for the storage and transport.
  6.First choice for the termites contral.
 1.Soil treatment:Dilute with 200 times water,spray as 4 to 5 liters per square meter.
 2.Wood treatment:Dilute with 200 times water to brush or spray;Soak 30 mins for square wood  to get better effect. 

Spectrum 200SC provides systemic control of a broad range of insect pests, acropetally distributed and featuring a water-based 200g/L Imidacloprid formulation, in the following areas: Turf ,Ornamentals ,Shrubs & Trees ,Crops & Vegetables ,Subterranean Termites.
Surefire Spectrum 200SC, containing 200g/L Imidacloprid, is registered for use in the control of all species of subterranean termites (including mastotermes darwiniensis) in both new and existing buildings. 
Surefire Spectrum 200SC has these features to assist you with your termite management work: 
1. A non-repellent application which binds readily to soil. 
2. Can’t be detected by termites, greatly assisting with colony  control & elimination. 
3. Easily applied with your existing treatment equipment. 
4. Unbeatable value when compared to other non-repellent  termiticides & other liquid temiticides. 

Do pest control in your house or school ,woods ,you can select our products ,we are pest control supplier from China.

CAS  No. 138261-41-3
Specification (COA)
 Content: ≥35%


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