Termite control measures for trees

Termite control measures for trees:

  1.Termite chemical, with 50% chlorine dan Emulsion 10 times times thinner or 9202 (Merlot mixed liquid), you should use this termite chemical ring-coated trees near the ground, the prevention of black-winged soil termite and other tree damage has a certain effect; In addition, in the seedling ditch, sprinkle 2% chlorine dan powder, to prevent wood cuttings by termite damage has a certain effect.Bifenthrin is also a very good  pest control products.


  2, the elimination of winged adults, to prevent the emergence of new groups. The winged adults in the group are the creators of the new group, flying in April-July each year. During this period, Phototaxis can be used to set lighting traps;

  3. Protect natural enemies;

  4, eliminate the breeding place of the garden termites. Often some trees in the garden, dead roots, cutting piles, tree sticks for a long time under the open air, damp after perishable, become termites like food materials, white ants have a certain allure, must clear clean;

  5. Avoid mechanical damage to trees. The wound is the main invasion of termites, so in pruning, shaping and other operations, to avoid causing large wounds, in the cultivator, the whole land and other human activities, do not cause mechanical damage. The wound that has been formed should be coated with water and tar, etc.

  6, Plug holes, repair wounds. Some trees will have hollow holes or large trauma, to timely brushing the ant medicine, and then use cement gravel plugging repair, or water slurry repair, one beautiful good-looking, and secondly to prevent the invasion of termites; 

      7,  Quarantine. The process of tree migration, often inadvertently carried termites to carry the past, so that the spread of harm, so in transplanting trees, on the one hand should be careful to the residue of termite treatment, and then to plant; On the other hand, do not use the termite has been seriously endangered, especially with the white nests of Taiwan trees, lest the ant damage expansion.

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