Test pest control products toxicity methods

When pest control products are used, if you are concerned about toxic pesticides,you can determine them 

by the following methods. How to test them? As a professional pest control products manufacturer, Julie takes everyone 

together to learn together!

1. Spray method: Spray method designed to simulate the actual control situation between forests, 

in order to reduce the experimental error, so that each test insect receives the same dose as much as possible, requiring the sprayer 

to have a certain pressure, so that thefog point size is consistent. Spray evenly.

2. Liquid immersion method: dip test insects into dilute solutions of different concentrations, 

remove them immediately, and place excess liquids on absorbent paper, transfer them into the containers of each group and 

give them fresh ones. The leaves were used as feed, gauze or gauze was placed on the container, kept indoors, and room 

temperature was recorded to observe the deaths of poisoning at different times.

3. Membrane method: The agent is sprayed on a certain area of the surface to form a layer of 

uniform film (usually a petri dish with a filter paper, or the needle is immersed in the liquid and then removed), and then let 

The pests on the test are allowed to come into contact with the drug film for a certain period of time before returning to 

the normal container for feeding, or during the process of contacting the drug film to observe the death of poisoning.

4. Drip method: Using quantitative liquid droplets, add drops on the back of the chest of the 

test insect, and then observe the poisoning death regularly. The advantage of this method is that the dosage can 

be expressed by the amount of drug received per gram of insects (commonly used in micrograms), the dosage is easy 

to control, and the test error is small; the disadvantage is time-consuming, the solvent used for the treatment, 

the spot of the drop and the size of the droplets are all Can affect virulence. When adopting this law, 

these factors should be taken into consideration and consensus should be reached as far as possible so as to obtain accurate

results.The above is the four-point method.that our company puts out for everyone. If you don't want to test it, 

and you want a low-toxic pest control product, then call me quickly!