The normal Formulation of pest control chemical

The normal Formulation of pest control chemical,How many formulation do pest control chemical have?The pest control supplier will tell you .Because of the high insecticidal active ingredient content, except a few varieties can be directly used for fumigation or ultra-low capacity spraying, rarely directly used, need to be processed into various dosage forms to use.

The purpose of the Dosage form processing:
(1) Improving the physical properties of pest control chemical to suit different sites and different control pests;
(2) Improve the efficacy, increase safety;

(3) Delaying the emergence of drug resistance, prolonging the service life of drugs and enlarging the scope of use;

 (4) Enhance the market competitiveness of products.Our province currently produces and use of the following dosage forms: Powder, wet powder, suspension agent, spray agent (including oil, tincture, water-based Emulsion, EC), aerosol, disk-type mosquito-repellent incense, electric mosquito-repellent incense, bait, stick-catch agent, smoke agent, insecticide-repellent coating agent. 

2.1 Powder will be insecticidal effective ingredients and fillers according to a certain proportion of mixed, crushed to a certain degree of fineness and made, with easy to use, to the pest of the ability to knock down, long residual effect of the characteristics.  
Powder in our province is mainly used to prevent indoor lice, fleas, cockroaches, ants and other health pests, commonly used varieties have 1.5% sulfur phosphate powder, 0.5% deltamethrin powder, 1% kill viagra powder. 
2.2 WP will insecticidal effective ingredients and fillers, wetting agents and other additives to the proportion of mixing, grinding to a certain degree of fineness, the use of water dilution for suspension spraying. The wet powder is the most commonly used dosage form for indoor and outdoor sanitary pests in our province, which is mainly used for residual spraying.  
I province of the wet powder products have 4 kinds, in the prevention process is also a large number of use of imports and other provinces products, commonly used varieties have the Struggle na, a flash net, Kesse Ling, Li Arrow, kill flying grams, love, the invincible powder, high spirit and so on.
2.3   Mosquito-killling incense and electrothermal mosquito-killing incense are mainly used indoors to kill mosquitoes. The production and use of mosquito-killing incense in our province is not too large, the manufacturer has only 1. Electrothermal Mosquito-repellent incense, including electric film mosquito-killling incense, electric liquid incense and electrothermal solid-liquid mosquito-repellent incense. The use of electric heating chip in our province is widespread, and the dosage is larger, electrothermal liquid and electrothermal solid-liquid mosquito killling incense are used less.  
I province in the past, although there are 2 electric mosquito-killing incense manufacturers, but 1999 years have been discontinued, the current use of electric mosquito-control incense are products from other provinces. v                           
2.4 EC added a certain proportion of organic solvents and emulsifiers in insecticidal active ingredient, and made a homogeneous and transparent oil-like liquid for indoor and outdoor sanitary pest control. Our province mainly produces and use of DDVP EC, in recent years, and the introduction of the use of the German Bayer Bailitan EC (20% kill Granville), mainly for the control of cockroaches, Beijing Yihui-day into the company's agriculture Anti-Mosquito spirit, professional anti-mosquito aversion mosquitoes.
2.5 Spray Agent will be insecticidal effective ingredients dissolved in kerosene, alcohol and other organic solvents, or by the use of emulsifier dispersed in the water and made.  
Our province produces and uses the spray agent mainly is the water-based emulsion, the product has 5 kinds, has the high effect, the pollution small characteristic, mainly uses in the space spray, the prevention indoor health pest. 
2.6 Aerosol has the characteristics of quick-acting, safe and easy to use, and is mainly used in the prevention of household sanitary pests. In recent years, our province's aerosol products have developed by leaps and bounds, the number of products, a wide range of health pest control chemical accounted for 85% of the total, of which most of the products are oil-based aerosol, a small number of tincture of the base aerosol, its control objects are mainly mosquitoes, flies. Although I have a variety of aerosol products, but every year there are a large number of other provinces to enter the market of products in Shandong. 
2.7 Bait will be insecticidal effective ingredients into the food pests eat,the formulation to lure them to eat to kill them . Because of its convenient use, good stability, high efficiency, no pollution of the environment, in recent years, the development of our province, its production and use of varieties, the number has increased markedly. Manufacturers from the 1996 's 3 development to 1999 of 14, the formula from a single medicament, gradually to the compound or growth regulator of the trend of development.  
The baits produced in our province are mainly used to prevent flies, and the cockroach bait mainly uses the products from other provinces. 
2.8 Adhesive suspension will be the effective ingredient of insecticidal and all kinds of auxiliary materials, grinding and suspended dispersion of the active gel-like body dosage form. With high efficacy, long effect and small pollution, the rubber suspension is mainly used in our province to prevent indoor and outdoor health pests, especially for hotels, restaurants, rooms, entertainment venues, school pest control system.  
Our province's rubber suspension products have only 1 kinds of products, the introduction of the main advantage of the use of the arrow 3rd, Kill (12.5% Cypermethrin), Grams of the enemy (2.8% Deltamethrin), the Struggle Na gel suspension. 
2.9 is a kind of physical insecticide, which has the characteristics of safety, efficiency and pollution-less environment, and is more and more popular with consumers. Our province currently has 4 manufacturers of sticky agents, its products are mainly sticky fly ribbons and cockroaches house. 
2.10 Smoke agent will be insecticidal effective ingredients and combustible materials, combustion agents, flame retardant prepared after burning smoke, so that the pesticide components of rapid evaporation gasification or sublimation of the formation of aerosol to kill pests of a dosage form. Smoke agents are mainly used in sewers, buildings, garbage channels, warehouses, housing and other places of the seal lighting incense kill.Our province currently has 3 of tobacco manufacturers, mainly used to prevent mosquitoes, flies, the majority of the use of smoke agents from the provinces. 
2.11 Insecticidal Coatings and pest control chemical coatings are made from pesticides, resins and latex, and are used safely and with long residual effect. Repellents are mainly used for outdoor pest control. At present, our province has repellent chemical and pest control chemical  manufacturers each 1.