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Product name:,thiamethoxam tricosene,agita fly control,agita 10 wg 

10% Thiamethoxam+0.05% Tricosene WDG is for fly pest control, from pest control supplier.

Usage:Paint-On for Adult Fly Control ratio of 125 grams of Thiamethoxam 10 WG per 100mLof water to brush on the treated surfacea.

Spray-On for Adul Fly Control :a ratio of 125 grams of Thiamethoxam 10  WG per 1000 mL to spray.


The control objects were effective in preventing and controlling lepidoptera, coleoptera and pteroptera pests. Such as flies, leafhoppers, pollinators, fly, etc. Low toxicity insecticide. Precautions: 1 do not expose children to this product. Lock save. Do not store with food or feed. Although this product is low in toxicity, the pesticide should be used in accordance with the safe use of pesticide. 2 avoid below 10 ℃ and + 35 ℃ higher than storage. The bees are poisonous. Dosage form 25%WP, 25%WS.10% WDG.


Used as a sex attractant for female and male flies, interfering with mating, sometimes as a mixture of poison and insecticide.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor public health facilities such as family and guesthouse, etc., to prevent pests such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and the storage pests of food and tobacco industry. 

Usage:   100g/drum*100/carton.