Top 3 best fly killer drugs of 2018

There are so many flies killing drugs,like fly baits, fly lights,fly traps, fly sprays,Eventhough ,there are 

a lot of article to teach you how to kill fly without pesticid.But,As a professional(fly killer manufacturer),

I'll give you some advice.The way without pesticid to kill flies is not effective way,fist It takes a lot of 

time to find the material, and it takes a lot of time to make it. It's not good to kill the flies. The fly comes 

back, the effect is not lasting, and it can cause a lot of other problems.The fly lights  is wastes too much 

power, and the bulb is expensive,Limited scope of application, limited scope of control.And I’ll tell you 

the best way to killling fly is to use fly killing bait,It’s  The most efficient and cheapest method.I'd like to 

introduce some of the best fly killers drug.First is 10% Thiamethoxam+0.05% Tricosene WDG:

 fly killer drugs

The control objects were effective in preventing and controlling lepidoptera, coleoptera and pteroptera pests.

Such as flies, leafhoppers, pollinators, fly, etc. Low toxicity insecticide. Precautions: 1 do not expose children 

to this product. Lock save. Do not store with food or feed. Although this product is low in toxicity, the pesticide 

should be used in accordance with the safe use of pesticide. 2 avoid below 10 ℃ and + 35 ℃ higher than storage. 

The bees are poisonous. Dosage form 25%WP, 25%WS.10% WDG.

The second is the  Cyromazine:


Granular formulation larvicide, suitable for scattering, disolving and pouring or spraying.

• Lower concentration formulation makes it suitable for use in smaller operations.

• Can be used in horse stables, rabbit farms, zoological parks, sheep and goat sheds and more.

• Contains cyromazine, a chemical which attacks fly larvae and prevents them from shedding their skins.

• Kills flies resistant to traditional adulticide fly control products.


The third is Imidacloprid 2% gr


Imidacloprid also used to killing cockroach ,Mosquito,but Content is different.,,Buy Beta-cypermethrin

gas from pest control supplier,more cheaper and more effective.Payment:L/C, T/T, D/A,other.

Delivery TimeWithin 15~20days after receive your prepayment.