Household cockroach killer

In house why we should use Household cockroach killer?You should know the cockroach,

Pest control products manufacturer will make suggestions to you about killing cockroaches.

Cockroaches distribution is very extensive, many foreign species that spread to other 

places because it lies in the human appliances, along with people in all over the world, 

our country has been found from the United States, Australia and Germany and other 

countries of cockroaches. Brown cockroach and Asian cockroach are common in China. 

Many people think that Asian cockroaches are the most disgusting cockroaches because 

they give off a bad smell.

In Italy, a man surnamed liao found a strange bug in his bakery, which has become

more and more common. It was later found out that it was the German cockroach, a new 

type of cockroach in chengdu. Blattella germanica mainly eats food residuals, such as bread 

crumbs and desserts, like moist and warm places, with strong reproduction and survival ability.

 Because human heavy use of chemicals in recent years, drug abuse, German cockroach has 

gradually grown to advantage varieties, resistant to most of the insecticides on the market for 

it is invalid, even can't kill it in liquid. At present, blattella germanica has become one of the 

three most resistant pests in the world.

One reason why cockroaches are so dangerous is that they run very fast and like to run around 

looking for food, and a small gap of less than a centimeter can get them through. There is 

another important reason is that their ability to reproduce is very strong, they are generally 

a spawning dozens, 10 days is breeding a nest, a pair of cockroaches in a year can reproduce

 sons bombs were 20000 bombs. For these two reasons, harmful household cockroaches are 

growing at an alarming rate in cities.

Cockroaches have a very good appetite, and they eat almost anything, and the smell, the smell, 

the hard, the soft, can get into their belly. I don't know when they entered the city from the wild, 

so they became the most capable pests in the city because of their good appetite. In addition,

 they have strong reproductive ability, and the place of life is more secluded, so it becomes a 

difficult to eliminate pests. Most cockroaches are crawling insects that fly only when they are 

disturbed or moved long distances, or when a male cockroach pursues a female.

Cockroaches like mosquito is largely nocturnal insects, they like to choose warm and moist, rich 

food and more aperture place, therefore, kitchen, bathroom, closet, doors seam, radiator, electric

 appliances, carton, cockroach is found everywhere. Cockroaches are more active than other 

insects and can be seen throughout the year, but are most active in the summer. At night, they 

go out and look for food. They are not only eating leftovers, leftovers, vegetables and other food,

 also eat excrement and urine, sputum, dirty things such as the bodies of animals, people ate the 

cockroaches eat leftovers, leftovers or vegetables will get sick, cockroaches spread diseases with 

typhoid fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, allergic asthma and diarrhea, etc.

Sometimes, even in books, we can shake out cockroaches. Do they eat books like worms? In fact, 

they are the paste in the back of the book, and in order to eat the paste, they will inevitably 

bite the book. Sometimes they were brave enough to climb into the baby's body and bite the 

baby's skin and fingers. When I was in college, a roommate suddenly heard the voice of the ear

drum in the middle of the night, wake up after we found out he went into a cockroach in the ear, 

then to the hospital to get the trouble guy ripped out.

The war between humans and cockroaches has been going on. The first thing to do with 

cockroaches is to pay attention to their home environment. We all know whose kitchen is the dirtiest,

the more cockroaches. At ordinary times, we need to get the leftovers, leftovers and vegetables sealed 

with plastic wrap, and all kinds of life garbage dump in time, finish to clean the kitchen stove and sink 

in time after a meal, the cockroaches will because she couldn't find food and run away. Every kitchen 

utensil and hidden corner of the home should be cleaned regularly so that the cockroaches have no 

hiding place and reduce their chances of reproduction. In addition, we should also pay special attention 

to the prevention of cockroaches when we decorate. We should choose materials with no cracks,

 and the furniture and walls should be repaired in time so that the cockroaches can not hide and lay

 their eggs. When decorating, you should close all the water pipes and prevent cockroaches

from coming up the pipe.

There are flies and mosquitoes in the house. It's easy to beat them to death with a beat. 

Because they move in the dark, when you turn on the light, they run away to where you can't see. 

Why are cockroaches so good at running away? This has a lot to do with their physical structure. 

The nerve endings on the legs of cockroaches are very sensitive and can be felt for very slight steps. 

The roach tail also has a complex vibration sensor that can sense the direction of the source of

 the vibration and escape in the opposite direction. There are a lot of short hairs on the mouth 

of the cockroach, which can not only judge the taste of food, but also judge the taste of the 

poison and avoid the poison.

When there was no medicine, people came up with ingenious ways to deal with cockroaches. 

People found a cockroach special love to eat sweets, in the flap of the bottle into the sweet food,

 and sesame oil in the bottle brush, cockroaches in more convenient, it is sliding, how also couldn't 

climb out. People also found a cockroach has the characteristic of see seam drill, in a stuck on a

sewing box plate, sprinkle on the cockroach love to eat food, steal to eat a cockroach in was stuck. 

What's even more interesting is that the roaches are often covered with dirt, so they use hard 

things to wipe away the dirt. Then, people deliberately scattered some sharp objects in the area 

where the cockroaches were infested, where the cockroaches chafed and died when they were scrubbed.

However, these simple methods are slow to kill cockroaches. Scientists have developed a number 

of drugs against cockroaches. Now, however, there is no specific remedy a kill cockroaches, drugs 

destroy cockroach one is to choose good effect, the other is smaller with the dose, such as easy 

to pest control cockroach medicine 】 【 safe non-toxic harmless to people, the characteristics 

of the chain, the effect completely destroy cockroaches, use in the home will not affect the 

baby's health, but also can completely get rid of cockroaches, after seven days or so commonly 

cockroaches can complete extinction. It is also best to kill cockroaches in one area at the same time, 

save one and then move from another to new cockroaches. Every year some big cities call on citizens

 to focus on killing cockroaches at some point. After killing the cockroach, clean up everything 

in your home, including clothes and books, to eliminate the remaining cockroaches and eggs. However,

 many environmental experts worry that the drugs have become resistant to the cockroaches, 

making them more and more powerful.

household cockroach killer