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Product name:imidacloprid insecticide to do cockroach pest control .     Active ingredients:Imidacloprid  products 2.5% gel. Supplier:Benod pest control manufacturer.

Application range:Used for indoor environment prevention and control of cockroaches.The performance characteristics of This product is an effective component of imidacloprid, with inducement and moisturizing agent, which has the effect of killing and killing of cockroaches. No pungent smell, good moisturizing, can be used in various places at any time; It is convenient, fast, low cost and little impact on the environment. It is especially suitable for use in hotels, hotels, families, offices, etc.

Method of operation:This product is used for injection, and used in areas where cockroaches are frequented and propagated, such as gaps, corners, holes and so on. Recommended dosage: 10~20 cm apart, 3~5 mm in diameter. In places with high cockroach density, dosage should be increased.

Packing specification:5 g/k/box * 100 boxes/boxes, 10 g/box/box, 20 g/box, 20 g/box, 30 g/k/box * 100 boxes/boxes.