Which chemical is good for long-term control of termites

Termite control and kill termite mainly uses the following types of termite chemical is from pest control suppliers.Organophosphate termite chemical include chlorpyrifos and phoxim ,bifenthrin, ;Chlorpyrifos has highly effective contact with stomach poison and fumigation.Insecticide Broad spectrum and long residual period, currently disabled. Phoxim is mainly developed as a termite preventive agent.Carbamate termite control drugs use micro-encapsulation technology to slowly release active ingredients and achieve long-term efficacy.The main pyrethroid termite control drugs are permethrin,Cypermethrin,Bifenthrin and so on.

Has a good repellentUsed to effectively prevent termites from crossing 5CM Long soil layers have a longer duration of use and are used more often.The termite control drugs for the chlorinated nicotinyls are mainly imidacloprid.It is highly efficient and low-toxic.Master spectrum insecticides,Both stomach poisoningAnd touch effect, a longer effect.Phenylpyrazole termite control chemical are mainly fipronil,Broad-spectrum insecticide,

The main termite stomach poisoning effect is Both contact and certainThe suction effect.Insect Regulators Termite Control Agents Juvenile hormone mimics can induce soldiers,The formation of former soldiers and intermediates,Destructive white The integrity of ant population levels; chitin synthesis inhibitors inhibit termite molting and have a significant control over termite populations.Oxidocarb, hexaflumuron, chlorfluazuron, and triflumuron are used for field termite control, and hexaflumuron has significant control on termites and termites Effect.

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