Pest control products wholesale

Wholesale,pest control products for sale online,Our pest control products manaufacturer produces 

cockraoch killer,fly killer,rat killer,bedbugs killer,and all pest control products,whatever you are 

Distributors, retailers, end customers.We can provide wholesale prices.Because we mainly do B2B, 

you can contact our staff online in time. They will patiently answer questions such as product quality, 

how to use, product packaging issues, market conditions, prices, customs clearance, registration, 

and payment method. Do not worry that you will not be able to contact our staff. You can 

send an email or add WhatsApp. Maybe you will ask why there are so many factories, so why should you 

choose yours? Other factories will also propose bait such as the wholesale price, but the result is that

 the price is still high, and even after the product arrives, it is damaged, but it cannot be processed after sale. 

Why choose our product? 

First Our products are of good quality and customers have high return rate.The products are low in 

toxicity, do not damage the environment, and are harmless to humans.For example, Hydramethylnon 

is a product of killing cockroaches. It's active ingredients are very environmentally friendly. Even if 

pets accidentally eat, they will not be in danger, and the effect is very good. This product is widely 

favored by customers. Return rate is very high.Another example, sticky mouse board, many people 

say this product is difficult to use, use the pet to stick, if you do not regularly check the pet will live 

starved to death. However, our products will not have such a situation. The sticky mouse board is 

very sticky and the mouse can stick. However, a pet larger than a mouse is not sticky. This power 

Low toxicity pest control products

pet can break free.

Secondly, our service is good. Usually the first order of the customer is due to the patience of our staff.

I believe that because we come from different countries, different languages, and different customs, 

leading to some communication barriers, we are still trying to help our customers until they solve their 

problems. Usually customers will be very grateful to us and regard us as friends. This will also make our

 relationship more closely and customers will trust us more.

Because we are a factory, our prices have an advantage.We can provide wholesale prices. Our prices will 

have some adjustments based on the market volatility of the original drug.

Who we are 

BENOD(Shijiazhuang Benod Co ,Ltd.)was founded in 2016,located in thehistoricalcity-Shijiazhuang,

Hebei Province.BENOD is a  high-tech company in China,specialized in researching,producing and 

distributing pest controls.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level and cost-effective products,while providing customers with

the best quality of service.We look forward to a long-term and pleasant cooperation with our new and

 old customers from all over the world!If you have any comments,suggestions or ideas,please contact

 us,we warmly welcome your inquiries and look

forward to cooperating with you!