Best pest repeller in 2018

Do you konw what is the best pest repeller in 2018? Let me introduce you to several pesticides used as pest repeller.First the pest repeller also called as pest control chemical.Usually used to control termite,cockroaches,fles,bedbugs,snake,birds.

Chrysanthemum pesticides are broad-spectrum insecticides.It's one of the best pest repeller. They have the characteristics of fast-acting, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue and crop safety. Besides having more than 140 kinds of pest control effects, some pyrethroid pesticides also Aphid pests have better control effects. The large use of pyrethroid pesticides will also make many pests resistant to insecticides.

Advantage of Lambda-cyhalothrin 10%WP is mixed products to used for pest repeller.

1. Lambda-cyhalothrin property will not be slipped after washing out by rain.
2. High content and good strorage stability.
3. Easy to use, and good control effect.
4. Lambda-cyhalothrin Application dosage is only 1% to 2% of the dosage of common insecticides. 
5. Lambda-cyhalothrin is enviromental, safety to crops.
6. Lambda-cyhalothrin has good effect in both prevetion and insecticidal action.

Acetamiprid + Lambda-cyhalothrin other mixed products for pest repeller 
Acetamipridis used for controlling of Hemiptera, especially aphids, Thysanoptera and Lepidoptera, by soil and foliar application, on a wide range of crops, especially vegetables, fruit and tea. Also used to controls fleas in dogs and cats.Lambda-cyhalothrin is used for controlling of a wide spectrum of insect pests, e.g. aphids, Colorado beetles, thrips, Lepidoptera larvae, Coleoptera larvae and adults, etc., in cereals, hops, ornamentals,potatoes, vegetables, cotton, and other crops. Provides good control of insect-borne plant viruses, at 2-5 g/ha. Also used for control of insect pests in public health.

Trichlorfon is an organophosphate insecticide with low toxicity and wide insecticidal spectrum. In dilute alkali, it can turn into dichlorvos but is unstable and quickly fails. It has a strong stomach poisoning effect on the pests, has both contact toxicity and permeability to plants, but it has no systemic absorption.