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Product name:1% high efficient cyanthrin to kill roach spray

Active ingredients:High performance cyanthrin beta-cypermethrin,1%

Toxicity of the product:Less.

Application range:For the prevention of insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies, which are used in warehouses, sewers, garbage dumps, etc. It can also be used to control the storage pests of crops such as food and tobacco.so it can do fly killer spary.The performance characteristics of This product is efficient, low toxicity and broad-spectrum with high efficiency cyanthrin. Not only have the contact, but also have the gastric poison effect. When used, it should not be diluted, and after combustion of the hot fog machine, it can form micron level smoke, long stay in space and spread, and quickly and effectively reduce the density of insect mouth.

Method of operation:Special agent for hot fog machine. See product specifications or labels.

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